Empowerment Through Education

We Empower Our Residents To Set And Reach New Goals

We are in partnership with property management firms specializing in under-serviced multi-family real estate throughout the country. When a resident enlists in our Empowerment program they have the opportunity to acquire new job skills and learn ways to increase their standard of living at no cost to them.

We Raise the Collective Consciousness and Empower those in Need by Offering Free Classes which Include:

  • Budget Classes

  • Credit Building

  • Self-Esteem Building

  • Resume Writing

  • Interviewing Skills

  • Professional Development

  • Business Classes

Learn How To Budget

Learn How To Set Goals

Learn How To Meditate

Rebuild Your Credit

We Educate Veterans In Learning A New Trade

As a partner with nationwide construction companies specializing in under-serviced multi-family real estate, we are always looking to connect Veterans with new job opportunities. Our partnering construction companies offer a trade school in which they are eager and willing to help our Veterans master a new trade.
Our partners are always looking to hire and train veterans knowing they are equipped with a built-in skill set of respect and contain a natural pride in workmanship.  Veterans are highly desired for their commitment to diligence and ability to follow the chain of command, showing up with disciplined work ethic, and having an adept understanding of following a process are just a few of the reasons a Veteran is highly desired, honored and valued by our nationwide construction partners.
If you are a Veteran interested in learning a new trade in the construction industry please reach out to us and we will put you in contact with our construction partners.