Building A New Collar Workforce

R-Empowerment Seizes the Opportunity to include Fab Labs as part of our Empowerment Curriculum

With your help we provide access to new tools such as 3D Printers and the Digital skills that inspire and enable those in need to change their lives and raise the collective consciousness...

educationR-Empowerment has an aggressive schedule to begin installing Fab Lab training centers into our partnering rental communities across the country which cater to low to middle-income renters.
These centers are designed to help residents who are struggling to create a better financial life.
Such training centers include budget management, resume writing, interviewing skills, and professional testing to aid in potentially identifying new talents and skill-sets. 
All at NO COST to the residents living in our partnering communities nationwide.



The game-changer of educational opportunity in these centers will be the landmark installation of Fab Labs

Containing a suite of cutting-edge technologies, Fab Labs allow anyone to make "almost" anything, Empowering anyone with an idea to create solutions to social problems locally, as well as globally.

Fab Labs are a premier education provider giving 21st-century opportunities to residents. Fab Lab user's innovation has improved lives in inner-city Detroit, Boston, and Washington, D.C., rural agricultural India, remote Rwanda, and American educational institutions that range from K-16. The Humanitarian Fab Lab operated by the Red Cross in Geneva with the United Nations is bringing the ability to create supplies that are needed onsite in refugee camps, war zones and disaster areas. Give someone in need a tool, and watch them create amazing things!



new-collarThe inclusion of Fab Labs in our partnering rental communities will also open countless doors and professional opportunities. 
The U.S. Department of Labor is predicting a shortfall of 2 million skilled workers in manufacturing by 2020 and this is partly due to the digitization of blue collar jobs. These digital "New Collar" workers in Smart Manufacturing are in high demand with corresponding wages. Your contributions will provide success to residents that is not just theoretical; jobs are waiting for skilled workers. More importantly, these New Collar jobs capture the imaginations of people who have never thought about a technical career, opening pathways to advanced training in engineering and science.
All this is at NO COST to the resident in training for the New-Collar workforce community program.

Imagine the Empowerment!

In order to be accepted into the international Fab Lab Network based at MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms in Cambridge, MA, a Fab Lab must have:

  • Laser Cutting & Marking

  • CNC Machining

  • 3D Printing

  • Microelectronics Workstations

  • Vinyl Cutting

  • All tied together with Computer Aided Design or CAD software