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We’ve Been Empowering Individuals and Families Since 2018.

R Empowerment is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that helps low income residents stay in their homes and communities. By utilizing programs that educate in areas of budget, resumé building and life skills, R Empowerment elevates client life experience through  financial independence and self-improvement strategies.

Partnering with R Communities, R Investments and R Academy, along with other local aid groups and volunteers, it is our goal to positively effect change in the communities we support. The clients that finish our program have a 100% success rate in staying in their homes. In many cases they go on to improve their lives through further exploration of self, education, family, and financial success.


Our Mission

To prevent homelessness  through programs that empower.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a homelessness prevention  program that can be replicated by other organizations around the world.

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Empowering Clients to Over Come

R Empowerment partners with properties and property management companies across the nation to help stop the revolving door of eviction. We offer specialized education classes to all residents who are interested in budget and finance management, resume writing and interview skills, life skills and many more. R Empowerment believes that all people deserve the chance to stay in their homes. We believe in the power of giving a hand up, not a hand out, so that R participants learn to stand on their own two feet.


Once a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, it bursts through its chrysalis as a new creature ready to take on the world. The process of going from a caterpillar to a butterfly is called metamorphosis. Participants of the R Empowerment Career Program are going through their own metamorphosis. They come into our program homeless and over the course of six months, we are able to empower them. They leave our program with a new set of skills making them highly employable.

R Empowerment’s career programs are taught by experts in the industry. The programs include virtual learning, in-person coaching, as well as hands on experience. 


R Empowerment is hired as an independent contractor by the management companies of low income apartment complexes. This partnership allows us to pause the eviction process, keeping individuals and families in their homes. R Empowerment acts as a mediator to facilitate re-payment plans over the course of six months. By utilizing our partner’s support and our education programs, we are able to teach new life skills, financial guidance, and help our participants focus on a healthier, more holistic approach to their lifestyle.

Our Boot Camp works with participants in all areas of living and includes one-on-one coaching, virtual learning experiences, as well as hands on experience. We offer guidance and classes on job search, interview skills, resumé building, career coaching, eating well, shopping on a tight income , financial budgeting for the household, and help exploring continuing education.

 With the cooperation of our participants and partners in the community, we are empowering individuals and families to regain control of their finances and their lives.

100% Success Rate

R Empowerment has a 100% success rate keeping people from becoming homeless. This achievement is thanks to our revolutionary Financial Boot Camp and the relationships with the apartment complexes we serve.

When clients enroll with R Empowerment, we are able to step into their eviction process and regain control of the situation. By partnering with property managers and providing financial guidance, everyone that completes our program has stayed in their homes and often improved their circumstance for the better.





















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