How We Empower Those In Need

R Empowerment was formed in an effort to bridge a growing need and create a community of giving back.

Our Mission to Raise the Collective Consciousness has become a Unified Vision by Everyone on the R Empowerment Team. We are Committed to the Process of Empowering those in Need.

We are in partnership with nationwide construction companies and property management organizations specializing in under-serviced multi-family real estate throughout the country. 

R Empowerment works hand in hand with Fab Labs to create a new-collar workforce within local communities. 


We offer free educational classes to residents. In special cases, we also provide rental assistance to those whom might find themselves in a temporary hardship from unforeseen circumstances. 


Once an individual is empowered financially we take them to a higher standard of living by offering microloans. 


We aim to help and empower veterans, minorities, women and all those who struggle to meet the minimum standards of day to day living.


R Empowerment is comprised of compassionate philanthropists, inspired team members, motivated volunteers, a list of industry suppliers, and other humanitarian organizations.

We need your help. There are many great causes established to help those living in impoverished countries around the world, but we don’t want to forget our friends and neighbors who might be too proud to ask for a little help living in our nearby communities.

Join Us to Raise the Collective Consciousness by Empowering Those in Need.