which executes JavaScript scripting when an onchange event occurs. cursorPos++; Then you will notice that the result being return is totally false. I dont know if it is “ripped off” version of PHPMyAdmin or not. I’m not sure exactly why but IE must remove them from the selection or something. I Found out that IE counts caret position using only 1 character for Carriage Return / Line Feed even though the textarea.innerText contains 2 characters. There are a collection of attributes that can be applied to control a textarea's behavior. 3. Placeholder text will appear with the same styling as user-entered text content when rendered in Windows High Contrast Mode.This will make it difficult for some people to determine which content has been entered, and which content is placeholder text. To set the cursor position use the following syntax. Thanks a lot. ….. You can take control of your textareas and … { } Adds a name attribute to a