Learn How To Budget

how to budget

Budget Classes Are FREE And Open To The Public

Our budging classes have become a valuable tool for residents.

We have been helping students reach mastery through an understanding of how to manage their budget and grow their money.

Each session walks you through the crucial components of establishing a budget.

By applying S.M.A.R.T. goals our residents can visually see their financial picture allowing them to make adjustments as needed.






We mentor our residents until they reach a better understanding of their finances; preventing costly evictions that pose a burden on the resident, on the property and on the community.

According to a NFCC Survey, 61% of Americans do not keep a budget

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Education * Mentoring * Empowerment

stop eviction

"I have never seen or heard of any housing development offer these classes to the residents. This is a very special opportunity to make a change"

Virmeka Jefferson
Personal Banker
Great Southern Bank

Learn How To Budget

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