Learn How To Meditate

how to meditate

Meditation Classes Are FREE And Open To The Public

Our meditation classes Empower our residents to learn the practice of Self-awareness and improve emotional balance thereby reducing stress and increasing wellness
Sahaja Meditation Allows Residents To:
  • Achieve mental silence and thoughtless awareness, a state of being where the mind is calmed and gradually emptied of all distractions
  • Discover inner peace that neutralizes the stresses of daily life
  • Feel balanced, relaxed, joyful
  • Attain and sustain mindfulness
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Easy To Learn And Practice Only 15 Minutes Is Needed Every Day!

how to meditate

According to Forbes Meditation has 6 scientifically proven benefits:

1. Mindfulness Reduces Anxiety

2. Mindfulness Meditation Reduces Implicit Age and Race Bias

3. Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) May Prevent And Treat Depression

4. Increase Body Satisfaction

5. Mindfulness Meditation Improves Cognition

6. Mindfulness Meditation Help The Brain Reduce Distractions

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Reduce Stress * Increase Wellness

Meet your instructor:

Madhur Garg has been practicing meditation for over 20 years and has been teaching meditation to diverse sections of society for the past 7 years.
As an instructor, he has helped hundreds of people learn and practice meditation in a simple and effective manner. In St. Louis, he has conducted meditation sessions at various residential communities, for students at Northwest Academy of Law, Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri, participants of 2017 Youth Leadership Summit hosted by National Urban League at WashU, and employees at multiple corporate offices.
Madhur is currently the city leader of Sahaja Meditation group in St. Louis and teaches meditation regularly at several branches of St. Louis County Library.


how to meditate

Yes, I Want To Learn How To Meditate

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Learn How To Meditate

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