Learn How To Set Goals

How To Set Goals Is A FREE Class And Open To The Public

Our residents learn how to set goals and the process of creating a vision for a successful life

In This Class You Will Learn:

  • How to make the best goals

  • How to manifest your goals

  • How to embrace your worth and unleash your hidden potential 

  • How to take the first step if you feel stuck and unhappy

  • How to get the jump-start you need to have your best life


Discover the Benefits of Learning How To Set Goals

1. Provides direction

2. Provides a clearer focus on what is important

3. Creates clarity in decision making

4. Gives you control over your future

5. Provides motivation

6. Gives you a sense of personal satisfaction

7. Gives you a sense of purpose in life


Credits: Peak Performance Center

Yes, I Want To Learn How To Set Goals And Create A Vision

Meet your instructor:

Marlie hosts a weekly podcast titled, “Purpose is for ALL” she is contributing writer for the i-Worship magazine and the digital UK based magazine, Motiv8 me.
Her first book, Five Steps to Find your Purpose and Destiny is available on Amazon, and her new book, “Forgive to be Free”, will be released in March 2018.
She received her graduate certification in Positive Psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2016 and with her husband and two dogs in St. Peters, MO.


how to set goals

Yes, I Want To Learn How To Set Goals And Create A Vision

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Learn How To Set Goals

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