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Using the right-edged blade to fit surfaces to be stripped cuts down on extra scraper strokes. Speedheater simply rewire the 220 Volt units to work on 115 Volt. As with most products, their features vary. Encontre fabricantes de Infravermelho Removedor De Tinta, fornecedores de Infravermelho Removedor De Tinta e produtos de Infravermelho Removedor De Tinta de alta qualidade com o melhor preço no Alibaba.com Condition is "Used". Most of our customers need at least two scrapers: one with straight edges and one with curved edges. Look for machines that provide the following features: Increased efficiency by heating a significant area thoroughly with just one application. It requires less operator skill to safely monitor the heating. This site gives detailed directions on constructing your own paint stripper for a lot less.” – Link. Eric writes – “Build your own Infrared Paint Remover. The Cobra easily finds its way into spaces that have traditionally been considered impossible to reach for work on paint removal. Infrared heat is a low temperature deep heat that penetrates the wood, and draws the moisture and resins in the wood to the surface. It took me about four hours of assembly and it's way higher quality than what people describe the silent paint remover to be. Fast, clean, eco-friendly way to remove old paint or varnish. NEW. The infrared bulbs are glass and dropping it … It’s environmentally friendly. Our Speedheater™Standard 1100 Infrared Paint Remover works great on large paint stripping jobs like siding, floors, doors, window frames, and porches. Silent Paint Remover SH2000 TWIN . 5- Chemical Based Paint Removers. Two infrared … The tool can be a bit fragile. Heating area is 12” by 5”. You’ve gotta love teh internets haven’t you? Dr Infrared Heater Elite Series 1500-Watt Dual Heating System Infrared Portable Heater with Built-In Ultrasonic Humidifier/Oscillating Fan Model# DR998 (84) There are no chemicals involved, it works at a low enough operating temperature to prevent plumbic (lead) gases that may be present in the paint from being released and like the name says, it’s silent. When it comes to removing paint from places that are difficult to get at, the Speedheater Cobra is a pure innovation. The Silent Paint Remover has all UL listed components and is made for the North American electrical system. Infrared Paint Remover works great on large paint stripping jobs like siding, floors, doors, window frames, and porches. The process uses gentle infrared heat in the form of rays to remove the paint, particularly in industries and manufacturing units. 16 Oz. Silent Paint Remover (Speed Heater) is used and favoured by Allback in their own workshop in Sweden for removing old paint, varnish, and glue. The Speedheater™ Cobra is the FASTEST infrared paint remover on the market. This is the fastest paint remover you have ever seen. Infrared Replacement Element for SpotHeater SH1000. IPR normally sell for over $400, these silent paint strippers use heat to remove paint. Find high quality Infrared Paint-remover Suppliers on Alibaba. However, periodic infrared inspections and due care in operation are necessary when using such equipment. The Cobra is the perfect tool for DIY homeowners stripping doors, windows, spindles, tight spaces, furniture, and more. It is built on Swedish design principles: high-quality and totally functional with no unnecessary parts. Save $100.00. Speedheater IR System is an infrared paint remover (IPR) which offers efficient removal of old paint, putty, varnish and glue in minutes! Search Results For "Paint Remover" 33 Items. I didn't buy the Silent Paint Remover, but I built something similar. Infrared works to get the vast majority of paint off, but deeply embedded paint is never easy to remove and chemical strippers have the advantage of being able to penetrate into those areas. It is fast, efficient, and safe, heating from the inside out and minimizing lead vapours and dust. Since sanding is out, I was originally going to use a chemical stripper, but I’m now leaning toward buying an infrared paint remover. Using the Speedheater™ pull scrapers one can quickly remove all the paint layers down to the bare wood in a few, long strokes. This brings infrared paint removing to a new level. Chief. We stripped the old paint using our Infrared paint remover.A semi sharp chisel was used to remove the caulk once it was heated. ): This Instructable explains how to build an infrared paint remover, which is cheaper, safer, and more environmentally friendly than normal paint removal chemicals. Recently I came across an Old House article that discussed a new infrared paint stripper called the Silent Paint Remover . A heat gun can be used, but it will crack the glass and can burn the wood if you aren't careful. Here we have an intelligent use of common sense, applied to a product which appears to be somewhat over-priced in the marketplace. Add to Cart Add to My List. Speedheater infrared paint remover 1100. Silent Paint Remover uses infrared heat to soften paint. 16 Oz. The next area can be heated while the first area is being scraped. SpotHeater Support Bar. The Paintshaver® Pro will strip the face and butt end of clapboards, shingles and shakes simultaneously. Removing paint (or laminate) requires time and hard work. For professionals, add the Cobra to your Speedheater™Standard 1100 Kit and any painted wood surface – big or small – can be stripped with the Speedheater™ Method. These details are mentioned in any lead based paint pamphlet. Similar to heat guns, infrared paint remover is also a revolutionary way to strip the paint and varnish from wood. and is much safer. Google "ocean manor house ipr" for instructions on how to build your own infrared paint remover for around $125.

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